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Anonymous asked: Dont forget that swag hand picked you to be leader. He could have been leader if he wanted to but he chose you. So dont put up with this

I know. If he wants to test my ability to put my foot down, so be it. Special flower or not, he needs to work with us or he’ll crash and burn on his little solo mission. 

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-continues to grab snacks-

-picks up strawberry pocky-

-places it back down and grabs other snacks instead-

Come on… I’m gonna get it running. I’m the lucky one, remember? It’s my thing. And we’re gonna make it to Thneedville and get your babe and find that safe place and… everythings gonna be okay.

-talking slowly-

Getting to Larue isn’t the point here. Your behavior is. I’ve been patient. I’ve left you to work… and grieve. I let you do what you wanted and needed to do NOT because you’re special—or some privileged superstar. But because. You’re my friend.

-takes a step away and stares at the ground to collect himself. Another beat, and he’s swiveled around to stare down the back of Swag’s head- 

As a friend. I’m asking you to stop being a selfish idiot. 

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Not the entire RV just….the part that makes it….yknow…. do…things….like…move….and….function…

But I’ve really got it under control this time. Dave went out with me to get even better parts and even though I had to save him from one of those super zombies we managed to get some great shit!

-Presses fingertips to his forehead with a heaved breath, trying his damnedest to hold back an outburst-

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Oh you know the catalytic converter kept overheating and the exhaust wouldn’t stop leaking and god damn did you have any idea how hard it is to find American parts these days and I may or may not have beat the shit out of it but I’m sure that had nothing to do with the whole thing blowing up.

-continues furiously collecting snacks-

-SNATCHES a box out of his hand to get his attention- 

What was that last part?

You beat up the RV?

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Oh uh….

-clears throat and starts stuffing a basket full of candy and snacks-

Um…yeah about the RV…I had to uh… startoverfromsquareone


The engine kinda… got fucked up.

-squares his shoulders-



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Oh yeah about getting back on the roa-

Oh…OH!! OHH!!!!

-leaps through window and scrambles to shelves-



-hoists himself through the window and follows Swag, stepping over a few bodies on the ground. He doesn’t stop to think on them, as he has other things on his mind-

That’s nice. 

What do you mean “about getting back on the road”?

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-kicks wood in-

-pauses and reluctantly peers inside-

…..Holy shit.

-throws aside some plank and looks in with him

Well, I’ll be damned. 

-smiles and runs hand over hair-

This must be some sort of dream. If everything’s intact, we’ll be able to get on the road as soon as we get packed up!

-plants a hand on Swag’s shoulder with a congratulatory squeeze-

Good man, Swag.  

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